Being effective at outreach

This is a general-purpose guide meant to help animal lovers who want to create as much change as possible through effective activism.
Your organization may have different strategies and procedures. This guide is not meant to supercede your organization.


All people, young and old, have the potential to help animals. Our shared goal is to inform people about the living conditions of animals and the moral issues that surrounds animal farming. There are different approaches to effective activism and some are more effective than others. This guide is meant to help and inspire animal lovers that really want to make a difference for the animals and create massive change.

Animal liberty is the most important moral issue of our time. This is because of the huge amount of animals in the industry, and their intense suffering. If we want a better and more just world, then our most important task is the liberty of animals. We must protect them with rights that can stand against the greedy and violent exploitation of animals today.

If we are to achieve success, we have to put our energy where it does the most good, and use the most effective ways to change the attitude towards animals. Together we can make compassion for animals spread like rings in the water. In this guide you will find information and general tips about preparing yourself and others for the most common street activism.

The 18th century marked the beginning of our democratic system. The 19th century abolished slavery in the west. The 20th century made child labor illegal, and child abuse punishable by law, gave women voting rights and improved the rights of black people. If we all work towards this goal, the 21st century will be the century where animals become free, and all of us that fight for this will have a place in history as those that worked for the most important freedom movement of our century.

Thank you for your time and desire to help the animals!

To begin, select a subsection that you would like to know more about. If you have never done outreach work before, it is recommended to start with the section on leafleting and signature collections.