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This archive contains features, announcements and other information from 2017.

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December 31st, 2017

A retrospective, visions for 2018 and new export features.

Looking back at this year and towards the next

Happy new year!
Happy new year!

This year has propelled Active for Animals forward by huge steps, from going public beta, enriching events with third-party content, such as demographics, adding new result types, such as income and spending, and implementing spreadsheet exports of all your data.

It is now time to move to the next phase.

The theme of the first quarter of 2018 will be data visualization, using all the event information we have gathered to give you visual feedback on your outreach performance. But visualization is just the first step on the 2018 road map. The two big upcoming themes are

  • Gamification, giving users incentive to add results and making it fun to use the Active for Animals website.
  • A prediction engine, helping your organization plan and strategize using prediction and projections based on your existing event data.

Thank you all for using the website, giving feedback, showing interest and generally supporting the effort. We wish you all a happy new 2018 and look forward to continue working with you.

Features in this release

  • You can now export all your organization events with a single press of a button.
  • Fixed bug so exports now add multiple types of third-party content per event.
  • Various small fixes to the export feature.

December 3rd, 2017

Discussing Terms of Service, newsletter sign-up forms and bugfixes.

Discussing Terms of Service

The Terms of Service is a document that describes the rights and permissions that you and Active for Animals require of and grant to each other. It clarifies who owns the data, what can be shared, and which rights and obligations you have when using the website.

The first draft of the Terms of Service can be found here:

You can help write this document! If you feel something is missing, would like clarification or have suggestions, send a message to

Other features in this release

  • Newsletter sign-up forms added to the website and Facebook page. Your colleagues can now sign up to this newsletter by going to
  • Bugfix: Date fields are now required when creating events.

November 19th, 2017

Demographics, improved help section and burgeoning work on data visualization.

Feature spotlight: Demographics

Introducing demographics
Introducing demographics

Offering yet another 3rd-party data source, Active for Animals now automatically enriches your events with demographical data. The website uses the ArcGIS/Esri system for providing location-specific data about population, households and population gender distribution. It has international coverage and works by aggregating data from within a 1 km radius of your event. As usual, you can examine all data related to your events by exporting them.

This new feature allows you to relate your outreach effectiveness to demographical data and can give fresh insight into what it takes to make your campaign a success.

Other features in this release

  • A reworked help section offers more informative and complete help on using the website.
  • Preliminary work on data visualization, including user stories.

November 5th, 2017

Track your fundraising data, more informative responses from the website and support for feedback!

Feature spotlight: Track your income and spending

Income and expenses are essential parts to any campaign. Now you can track your income when raising funds, or add expense data to your leafleting results, to keep track of where your campaign budget is spent on a by-event basis.

To get started is easy: Go to your organization page and click on "Manage results". From here, simply add the income or expense data to your existing result types or create a completely new result type such as "Fundraising".

Other features in this release

  • More informative and prettier system responses when visiting restricted or non-existent pages.
  • A first release of website feedback, supporting a simple rating and message. Feedback link for logged-in users can be found in the contact section of the footer. Expect more feedback integration in future releases.

October 22nd, 2017

Updates a little later and with fewer features than planned, due to unforeseen technical difficulties. Remaining features are pushed to next release.

Feature spotlight: Exporting your data

You can now export your group events and all their related data, including results, tags and 3rd party content such as weather information. At the moment, CSV files (Excel-compatible spreadsheets) are offered. More export formats are planned in future releases.

The broader plan for the import/export functionality is to serve as a funnel between, and data sanitizer for, your outreach results and your statistical analysis. With the export functionality, we are inching closer to this plan. Additional export formats are on the roadmap, enabling integration with statistical tools such as SPSS and Tableau.

October 1st, 2017

Updates to the Active for Animals website.

Feature spotlight: Track your audience

Do you regularly host presentations, lectures or any other event with a large group of people and want to keep track of attendance? On, you can now register your audience size. Simply create an event and add an 'Audience' result to it! As usual, you can enrich your result with tags and other data, such as leaflets or signatures.

Other features in this release

  • Major design revamp, including new footer, redesigned background, better fonts , consistent color scheme
  • Improved validation of event dates
  • Fixing link to help button on event pages

September 17th, 2017

This is the first news letter for Active for Animals, a website that helps animal charities to do more effective outreach.

Public beta

After months of work, Active for Animals is now in public beta. To join and use the site, simply follow the 'register' link on the front page to create an account or go directly to to sign up.

If you experience any issues or have troubles figuring out how to use the website, let me know.

Highlights for this release:

  • Fixes and images for 'Help' and 'Guide' sections
  • Remove seconds from Date input fields for some browsers
  • Fixed a bug relating to third-party content