Active for Animals is a website that helps animal charities to quantify their outreach campaigns.


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The website offers workflow tools to standardize input across multiple local groups and draws on third-party content to report on weather information, demographics and other data to help organizations make informed choices towards an effective outreach strategy.

Effectiveness through iterative experimentation

The road to effective outreach is paved with trial and error. The Active for Animals toolbox caters to the iterative experimental approach, allowing organizations to continuously improve and refine their campaign strategies.

Iterative experimentation
Iterative experimentation

Workflow tools

Using the ‘Result types’ tool of the website, organizations can control exactly which metrics they want to track for a certain type of activity. For example, you may want one or more local groups to track signatures, income and expenses every time they are out campaigning.

With Active for Animals you can easily control who can add data, and what data they can add.

Input standardization

For medium or bigger organizations, it is important to standardize results from all local groups. Even when groups across your country or internationally add results from their outreach, the website ensures that they add the same kind of data.

Enriched with third-party content

Each time your organization adds an event to the Active for Animals website, it will automatically be enriched with auxiliary data, such as GPS coordinates, weather information and demographics relative to the location of the event.

Demographics relative to event location

Funneling your data

With Active for Animals, you can easily export your all your organization data or use the built-in charting tool. The website offers export formats that you can easily use with statistical tools, such as SPSS and Tableau. In this sense, Active for Animals works as a data funnel for your quantifiable outreach.