Let's help animals effectively, together.
The goal of activeforanimals.com is to be the best tool possible for arranging activism, managing volunteers and helping organizations figure out how to best use their time and money to help animals.
How it works
Using activeforanimals.com is easy. Every time you do outreach (such as leafleting), follow these three steps:

1 Create a leafleting event on activeforanimals.com.
2 Go out and do your leafleting event.
3 Type in the number of leaflets on activeforanimals.com.
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For updates and news on the website, go to https://www.facebook.com/activeforanimals
Get started

When you have registered an account, follow these steps to get started:

  • If you head or manage an organization or independent group, start here.
  • If you arrange events and manage volunteers, ask your organization to create a page on this website and invite you to join as organizer. Read more here.