On the Active for Animals website, event pages contain basic information about an event, such as start and end dates and times, address, a description and event title. As organizer you would typically create an event page for each event you organize. After the event has concluded, you can then add results to the event. Event pages can have any available result type added to it, be it a leafleting result, signatures or something else.

On this page:

What do events do?

Each event created on the Active for Animals website contributes to the statistical insight into your organizations outreach performance. This will allow the organization to maximize the available resources and help as many animals as possible, by doing the outreach that is most effective.
When you create an event, you are contributing to this goal.

How do I create a new event?

To create an event, go to your group page and scroll to the bottom of the event list. Then click on the link Create event.
You can also go to and follow the instructions.

What do events track?

Event pages track the following information:

  • Event location (and GPS coordinates of the event)
  • Start and end date and time
  • Weather information

If you have added results to the event, they will also be tracked.